Order of the Conferment Ceremony gown

Order of the Conferment Ceremony gown

The deadline to purchase the gown was on 28th of Febryary.

A white gown was designed for Masters and Wreath-binders for the 2014 Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Philosophy.  It will be possible to place an order for this gown for the Conferment Ceremony in 2017. The gown is designed by Salme Vanhanen and it has been produced in co-operation with Janika Kajander. For the 2017 Conferment Ceremony the attire is also available in black for doctor promovendi.  

The conferment attire was designed in order to provide women as well an easier option to procure the necessary Conferment clothing. The attire is in accordance with the Conferment dress code. The attire is composed of a full-length gown and a bolero. Both the gown and the bolero can be ordered separately as well.  

The purchasing period comes to a close on the 28th of February and the gowns will be available by the start of May at the latest. February 28 is also the last day to cancel the order.

For more picture, please visit Ateljee Esvee’s page.


The gown is made from pleated, flowing satin. The appearance of the gown can be changed with a belt made from dress material, or with any other formal belt. The length of the hemline can easily be adjusted by shortening the lining.

The thick satin bolero features fabric-covered buttons and curved front-edges. The length of the sleeves can be adjusted with ease.


Gown: 100% polyester. Lining 100% viscose

Bolero: 55% polyester, 42% cotton, 3 % elastane

For pictures, visit: promootiopuku.esvee.fi


Both Bolero Gown
420 €

95 €

330 €


The Gown

There are five different sizes of the gown. The gown’s cut is wide which means measurements (circumference) below the armpits  and the widest point of the hips are required to determine the appropriate size.

Size Below the armpit Hip
XS 88 cm 106 cm
S 94 cm 112 cm
M 100 cm 117 cm
L 110 cm 125 cm
XL 118 cm 136 cm

The Bolero

To select a bolero of the appropriate size, measurements (girth) of the chest and the arm are needed. It is possible to include 8 cm extra space into the chest measurements. For example, girth of 85 cm = Size S; girths of 93 cm = Size M.

Size Chest Arm
XS 98 cm 30 cm
S 103 cm 31 cm
M 108 cm 32 cm
L 112 cm 33 cm
XL 115 cm 34 cm
2XL 120 cm 36 cm
3XL 145 cm 41 cm


The order can be cancelled at any time prior before 28.2.2017 after which the order is binding. You can find the order form here.

As all gowns and boleros are made on order, there are no return or exchange rights. However, endeavors will be made to adjust any and all reclamations.


Salme Vanhanen: 0503644352; ateljee@esvee.fi

The office of the Conferment Committee: fil-promootio@helsinki.fi