Costs of the Conferment Ceremony

Costs of the Conferment Ceremony
Kuva: Jussi P. Aalto
The Conferment Ceremony is a unique and unrivalled celebration and we believe that a multi-day celebration in honour of a completed degree is worth its price. The participation fees cover less than half of the real organising costs. The university supports the Conferment Ceremony with a significant sum, and we are actively searching for sponsors for the Conferment Ceremony.

The conferment festivities from the 25nd to 27th of May include two full formal dinners with table service, a ball with a buffet dinner, an excursion as well as other organising costs and the Conferment Matricula.

Promovendi can take part in the celebration with their spouse or other companion. If they take part with a companion (avec), the participation fee for the Conferment Ceremony is 420 euros. If both of the pair are promovendi, they each pay the fee for a single participant, which is 250 euros.

You can also participate without a companion (solo). If a promovendus takes part in the Conferment Ceremony alone, the participation fee is 250 euros.

It is possible to participate only in the Conferment Act and rehearsal, in which case the conferment fee is 100 euros alone or with a companion. Finally, it is also possible to be conferred while absent (absens). In this case the promovendus will have their name and information included in the Conferment Matricula and receive the right to bear the appropriate academic insignia. The conferment fee is 100 euros in this case as well.

The Flower’s day lunch is not included in the price of the Conferment Ceremony, but is instead paid separately. Please note that there will also be other costs to the participants from purchasing the academic insignia as well as from apparel that may need to be purchased to meet the dress code requirements.