Who is able to participate?

Who is able to participate?
Kuva: Jussi P. Aalto

All masters and doctors whose degrees have been approved prior to the 26th of May 2017, the day of the Conferment Act. In practice the last graduation dates vary by Faculty, but may be on the same week as the Conferment Ceremony. We recommend checking the possible graduation dates and their registration deadlines well beforehand with your Faculty.

You are eligible to take part in the Conferment Ceremony as a promovendus if you have graduated from the University of Helsinki from the Faculty of Arts, Science, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, or Pharmacy (but see below) with a Master’s degree (M.A. or M.Sc.), or completed an equivalent Bachelor’s degree from any of said Faculties before the 1994 Government Decree on University Degrees, or if you have completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in any of the aforementioned faculties. As an exception, Masters of Science in Pharmacy cannot participate; also, to reiterate, M.A., M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduates from other faculties at the University of Helsinki, may not participate as promovendi.

Promovendi often attend together with their spouse or other companion. A master’s companion is called a wreath-weaver, as it is customary for them to craft the laurel wreaths for the master promovendi on the day before main Conferment Act. A doctor’s companion is called a sword-whetter, but despite the name they do not have to take part in the sharpening of the swords. The companions act as dates/”avecs” for the promovendi at the dinners and also take part in all other celebrations. It is also possible to participate in the conferment ceremony without a companion. The official wreath-weaver and his/her assistants will craft the laurel wreaths for master promovendi attending alone.

In terms of registering for the different events, there are two possibilities: one can either participate in the entire three-day conferment ceremony, or just in the Conferment Act and it’s rehearsal.